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Re: Yet another TT fonts problem on Debian sid

Michael Schuerig wrote:
On Tuesday 11 March 2003 20:48, Donald Spoon wrote:

The relevant packages I currently have installed are:

fontconfig - 2.1.92-2

Try going back to (lib)fontconfig 2.1.90-1. If you're lucky the old packages are still lying around in /var/cache/apt/archives.

It works for me on sid. The later versions I've tried all mess up my fonts.

Advice: Don't throw away old packages until you're sure the new ones work as expected.


Thanks! I have a "workable" system right now with anti-aliasing turned off. I really don't notice any font "quality" differences with it turned off... maybe it wasn't working before?? Past experiences with down-grading packages have been frightening <grin>, so I will probably stay where I am and ride this through..

-Don Spoon-

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