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Re: Yet another TT fonts problem on Debian sid

On Tuesday 11 March 2003 19:48, Donald Spoon wrote:
> David Rosenstrauch wrote:

> I like to use anti-aliasing, and since that was the only setting where
> my TT fonts were available to KDE, that is what I had my system set on
> during the above mod.  Based on your message, I turned anti-aliasing OFF
> and VOILA....all my fonts are now visable... both TT and the normal
> System fonts!  The Konsole app is now working as it used to, and
> everything appears "normal" to my eye.

If you disable AA all TT are normal, but you will lose the shadow (alpha) from 
kicker icons. This is a problem with freetype.

> The relevant packages I currently have installed are:
> fontconfig - 2.1.92-2
> libfontconfig - 2.1.92-2
> libc6 - 4.2.1-3
> libfreetype6 - 2.1.3 + 2.1.4.rc2
> zlib 1g - 1:1.1.4-11
> I am running XFree86 version 4.2.1-3 from "testing" I believe.
> Bottome Line (for me):  Turn off anti-aliasing and make the mods to
> /etc/fonts/local.conf file.  Be sure to run "fc-cache -f -v" after you
> make the mods to update the font cache info.
> HTH,
> -Don Spoon-

Filipe Sousa

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