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noatun can't connect

  Hi there,

  I'm trying orth packages, I know that I shouldn't, and get this error when 
playing mp3:

  unix_connect: can't connect to server (unix:/tmp/mcop-kynes/Ix-0386-3e6df018)

kynes@Ix:~$ ls -l /tmp/mcop-kynes/Ix-0386-3e6df018
srwxr-xr-x    1 kynes    kynes           0 Mar 11 15:18 /tmp/mcop-kynes/Ix-0386-3e6df018

kynes@Ix:~$ cat /tmp/mcop-kynes/Ix-0386-3e6df018
cat: /tmp/mcop-kynes/Ix-0386-3e6df018: No such device or address

  I am trying to determine if it's a bug or a misconfiguration. Can you help?

Nos leemos

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