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Re: upgrading from woody to ralf's kde 3.1

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On Sonntag, 9. März 2003 18:39, Michael Stahl wrote:
> 1.
> The packages file was broken when I downloaded the debs (on Tuesday
> iirc). I had to download some qt 3.1.2 packages manually. I hear this
> has been fixed already.
You just hit the wrong moment when I was regenerating the packages file at the 
same time when the ktown machine's cron was generating the source tarball 
snapshots from KDE CVS which sets it under heavy load.
> 2.
> A package called kmtrace wants to own a file (I think it was
> /usr/bin/match) which was also contained in a package called grunch.
Ben ?
> 3.
> A package called kdesdk-scripts wants to own a file
> (/usr/bin/fixincludes) which was also contained in a package called
> fixincludes.

Ben has been re-working the kdesdk package with those things. Expect it to 
work with the 3.1.1 release :-)
> 4.
> I had various conflicts with the new kdevelop package and the old
> kde-i18n-* packages.
There need to be conflicts added because kdevelop in 2.1.5 ships the 
translations itself because they're not in the i18n packages anymore. For now 
uninstall the KDE 2.2.2 (or 3.0.x) i18n packages, then install kdevelop and 
the 3.1 i18n packages

> 5.
> The libpsi-dev package conflicted with the kopete package (both new
> packages).
have to have a look. maybe libpsi needs to be removed at all.

> 6.
> After the install kdm did not want to start. I did not purge the config
> files of the old kde2. After a dpkg-reconfigure kdm it would start,
> except that it only had default, failsafe and kde3 as session types.
> I edited the other 15 window managers manually into the config file.
I think there's an upgrade script included in debian. Just don't know how 
reliable that works with kde 3.
> 7. xine-ui depends on some newer libdirectfb-$something which
> unfortunately conflicts with some older libdirectfb-$sthelse. So
> installing xine-ui would have me remove clanlib. So no more xine.
my libdirectfb is a backport from unstable. Maybe you need to notify the 

> I think that was all. I solved all of these by removing the old packages
> and deselecting libpsi-dev. Otherwise, no problems (except for the fact
> that artsd *still* sucks...).
> I also installed Xfree86 4.2.1, Mozilla 1.2.1, OpenOffice.org 1.0.2
> backports and various packages from marillat.free.fr during the rest of
> the week and have not noticed any real problems so far.
> Michael Stahl
> PS:
> the kgpg thingy kicks ass :)
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