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Please change deb lines for unoffical kdepim debs (Sid)

Hi all.
	As Chris Cheney has stated that the official debs will be held up a 
little longer, I thought it might be good to take up a kind offer of a 
mirror for the kdepim debs I put up on phebehouse.  This mirror will be 
much faster, and may save me from being cut off by my ISP ;)

	Frode M. Doeving has made a mirror at http://infobeam.lnix.net
so the deb line would be:
deb http://infobeam.lnix.net/mirror/grepper/pub/kdepim/ ./
Many thanks to Frode for doing so and offering its use.
Please change your sources.list (s) to reflect this change.

	As a side note, these debs were not compiled with libmal, so the 
malconduit was not built.  Chris has expressed interest in including 
support in the official build, so possibly this will be included in 

	Again, thanks to Ralf Nolden for his kdepim sources from which these 
were built, as well as his port of Daniel Stones XFree86-4.3 packages !

all the best,
aka grepper on #debian-kde

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