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Re: No Helvetica in KDE (Sid)

Alan Chandler wrote:

> The problem you have must at least start with fontconfig.  I assume (it
> would be a strange configuration if it didn't) that it can find Helvetica
> without
> problems.  On the other hand Lucida Palatino is not so obvious - and if it
> can't "find" that font by looking throught the directories in
> /etc/fonts/fonts.conf and examining the fonts.cache-1 files in each of
> these directories it will fall back to the style hint that QT uses.

I am running two pc's with sid. After I upgraded fontconfig on one, I had the 
same problem. So I replaced the /etc/fonts folder of that pc, with that one 
of the other, and the problem was gone. The only difference between both 
fonts.conf files is in Line 26. Replace 
<dir>/var/lib/defoma/x-ttcidfont-conf.d/dirs</dir> with 
<dir>/usr/lib/X11/fonts</dir> ,run fc-cache again and re-login. 
It seems, that fontconfig doesn't find all fonts.
Andreas Bauer

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