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Re: No Helvetica in KDE (Sid)

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On Saturday 08 Mar 2003 4:03 pm, Felix Homann wrote:
> Does this mean there's something wrong with fontconfig or is it just the
> interplay of KDE and fontconfig?

Can't be certain, since we haven't got to the bottom of what your problem is.  
QT (and hence KDE) uses XFT (which then uses fontconfig to locate the fonts) 
if it can find a match and then tends to fall back on the xserver directly 
when in difficulty. Not sure what the others do.

The problem you have must at least start with fontconfig.  I assume (it would 
be a strange configuration if it didn't) that it can find Helvetica without 
problems.  On the other hand Lucida Palatino is not so obvious - and if it 
can't "find" that font by looking throught the directories in 
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf and examining the fonts.cache-1 files in each of these 
directories it will fall back to the style hint that QT uses.

The style hint is actually asking fontconfig to find a "family" called "sans" 
or "monospace" or "serif" (depends which style hint you use).  In 
/etc/fonts/fonts.conf you will probably find some alias lines that turn these 
names into a list of actual fonts (actually "sans" first gets to converted to 
"sans-serif" and from there into a list of fonts).  The font match algorithmn 
used by font config will be to match the first on the list that it can find 
(there are other factors but lets ignore them until we find out that they are 

So the reason the fonts all look the same is that fontconfig is probably 
mapping each request into Helvetica.

Try looking in the directory where your Lucinda Palatino font is installed, 
and see if the fonts.cache-1 file is there.  Take a look at it, and check the 
format (its pretty easy with a standard text editor) and see if you can find 
the font.  The font filename and the family name (and a host of other 
parameters) should be obvious.  

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Alan Chandler
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