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New packages was:Re: Funky konsole font

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On Mittwoch, 5. März 2003 17:42, hale@netins.net wrote:
> I have a small problem in my root konsole, I am running woody and kde. the
> problem is that the text looks like this   "fo  nt  pr  o b  lem"  The
> konsole looks fine under my user account. It only effects the root konsole.
>  Any ideas???

Installing fontconfig fixed it for me, though I've found that I probably need 
to recompile kdebase as well with libfontconfig.

I've updated my package set today with DannyS' ds2 XFree 4.3 rebuild on woody
plus a newer fontconfig from unstable (2.1.90). I'm having a fixed width 
console font now and I couldn't change the fonts - it's probably the kdebase 
thing. I'll recompile kdebase as well from the branch to see what happens :-) 
If it works then I'll upload that too.

For those who found screwed package lists on ktown, please update now. I've 
removed all duplicates from the different package sets so you should be fine 
now after an update and upgrade.

I also moved the cups-samba package (windows dlls for cups delivered by samba) 
to non-free, so you may need to add non-free to your apt-line if you want to 
use that.


> Thanks
> hale

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