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Re: Where is kdenetwork, where is Chris?

From: "Jeff Elkins" <jeffelkins@earthlink.net>

> I'm a Debian newbie/refugee from RedHat and don't consider myself particularly
> unqualified to use Sid. And yes, I'm wondering where KDE 3.1 (complete) is
> and why I can't use apt-get to install it rather than compiling my own.
> I have searched the archives and they don't provide the info. I don't
> understand why this is an unreasonable question. I need to install KDE 3.1 on
> two slow iMac powerpc boxes and apt-get would beat the heck out of compiles.

I would argue that you have absolutely no need to be using sid (which doesn't
mean you shouldn't, just that it's not necessary).  I have been known to
download the odd thing from sid, but sarge does the job with the simple addition

    deb http://download.kde.org/stable/3.1/Debian/ stable main

to your sources.

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