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Re: Where is kdenetwork?

so I have to apologise you for misunderstanding.
.. I didn't read your mail properly..


> > > I did go back an have a look - at there was a message saying that kmail
> > > could not be compiled for other architectures because of a qt problem. 
> > > It was also stated later in the thread that the qt problem had been
> > > fixed.
> > >
> > > All this was 11th/12th Feb.
> > >
> > > Is there something else holding it up?
> I think you misunderstand. I am aware there are lots of references to this, 
> and to where to get alternate packages (that I am using).  What I was 
> refering to were specific comments about the reason these packages were not 
> making sid and these were given on the 11th Feb (by Daniel Stone) in which he 
> said that there was a problem with qt preventing further loading of kde3.1.  
> On the 12th Feb he reported that this problem had been fixed.
> Given that was 11 days ago, I would have expected the logjam to have been 
> removed and was just asking (without trying to put anyone under pressure:-) ) 
> whether there was some other reason why kmail (and the other packages) were 
> not making it into sid.
Vladimir Wiedermann

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