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Re: Where is kdenetwork?

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On Sunday 23 Feb 2003 2:35 pm, Vladimir Wiedermann wrote:
[snip - lists of kmail archive pointers]
> I hope, that's all ..
> (see lists.debian.org/debian-kde)
> But sorry, I was too asleep (and so not very polite)
> when I was writing previous mail...
After I wrote
> > I did go back an have a look - at there was a message saying that kmail
> > could not be compiled for other architectures because of a qt problem. 
> > It was also stated later in the thread that the qt problem had been
> > fixed.
> >
> > All this was 11th/12th Feb.
> >
> > Is there something else holding it up?

I think you misunderstand. I am aware there are lots of references to this, 
and to where to get alternate packages (that I am using).  What I was 
refering to were specific comments about the reason these packages were not 
making sid and these were given on the 11th Feb (by Daniel Stone) in which he 
said that there was a problem with qt preventing further loading of kde3.1.  
On the 12th Feb he reported that this problem had been fixed.

Given that was 11 days ago, I would have expected the logjam to have been 
removed and was just asking (without trying to put anyone under pressure:-) ) 
whether there was some other reason why kmail (and the other packages) were 
not making it into sid.
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Alan Chandler
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