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Re: Printing with Cups not working sometimes

Hendrik Sattler wrote:

First, this has absolutely nothing to do with KDE at all.

Yes and no, perhaps. I had a fully functioning CUPS installation with Karolina's debs on my Desktop machine and Ralf's on the Laptop (thanks to both!). Being an "early adopter" I am very satisfied with KDE 3.1. SID so far. Nevertheless, something these days trashed my CUPS completely. I didn't care to got to the CUPS NG yet but so far my somewhat matured knowledge and experience in getting CUPS to run again after an upgrade has failed me. May be that the culprit is a parallel libcups or driver upgrade in SID.

Strange thing is that the driver and URI are not displayed in the Information tab of the KDE Printing Manager and KDE does not accept and transfer them when I reinstall the printer via KUPS although it suggests the relevant settings to begin with and seems to accept them alright. Perhaps a permission thing (although I touched nothing during the switch from Karonina's debs to SID), but in CUPS proper I can at least print a test page from the web interface. OTOH, the CUPS test page gets stuck in /var/spool/cups and nothing mroe happens.

Instead of caring much about it I got used top waiting a few days; sometimes a libcups update or a new gimp print driver version solved the problem.

My two Eurocents.

-- AvH

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