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Printing with Cups not working sometimes

Hello list,

I am using KDE 3.1 from ktown (woody) on a testing system with kernel
My printer is a HP Deskjet 970cxi and works fine with cups so far.

But there is a odd behaviour with it: While I am working in KDE and want to
print something and switch on the printer it is not working. So I do a
restart of KDE and/or X, but it changes nothing. 
The printer is well recognized during boot time and is diplayed with

Now when I do a restart of the computer with the printer switched on, it is
printing after that without a problem.

There is something going wrong here. I think it should be possible to switch
on the printer when the PC/X/KDE is already started?! Am I wrong here?
Other USB stuff like a webcam and a DigiCam is working fine. So it seems
that the USB Ports/System is working.

Any hints on that? Anybody else has some problemes like that?

Thanks, Thomas

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