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Re: ktown -> sid transition for 3.1

On Sat, Feb 08, 2003 at 12:11:53AM -0600, Peter Nelson wrote:
> I've been using unofficial 3.1 debs for a while now, with ktown's as my 
> current choice.  I see that 3.1 is now into SID officially, but conflict 
> with *all* of ktown's apps.  I would like to have the official SID debs, 
> but still be able to use all of ktown's compiled apps (like k3b and some 
> others).  I ktown going to add back the sid branch, or is there 
> something I can do with the woody branch?  I would prefer not having to 
> rebuild everything from source.

Everything currently on ktown will be in sid soon.


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