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Re: related to the kdm hangs ? system crashes !

Hi, Christian!

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 17:50, Christian Welzel wrote:
> Yep. version 1.0.4191.
> But i updated some time ago and i cant remember, if the problem
> occurs before or after the update.

Ah, damn!

I was using 3123 and just updated to 4191. I had the impression that that 
fixed it but it seems I'm wrong.

I also couldn't reproduce the problem using the Xfree86 nv driver...

Well, I've narrowed the problem down a lot but I don't really understand much 
of the X internals, so I'll have to wait what Branden has to say.

The biggest Problem is, that the xserver-xfree86-dbg does not work with the 
nvidia driver, so I can't debug the process with gdb. And of course the 
problem doesn't occur with the nv driver :(

Do you know of any way you can force the problem to occur?

With 3123 I could take a konqueror scrollbar and drag it up and down violently 
(:)) until it happened. This no longer works with 4191.

I'll keep hunting this thing down but first I have to hit it again with 4191.


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