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Re: kde 3.0.5a and WindowMaker Dock applets

On Monday 27 January 2003 08:24, Luca Greco wrote:
> I use 3 wmdockapplets :
> wmmon, wmnd, wmacpi
> They're integrated perfectly in the DockExtension of kicker
> and start automagically at startup but their tasks still remain visible
> in the taskbar.
> Someone know how to set it invisible?

I used to have the same problem. I never figured out how to fix it under KDE 
3.05, but upgrading to 3.1 fixed it at least for me.

If you do upgrade, here's what I did...

1) set the "On Login" behaviour to "Restore manually saved session" on the 
Session Manager tab in the Control Center. There may be a way to get them to 
not show up in the taskbar with it set to "Restore previous session" but I 
haven't tried.

2) Get your session set up just like you'll want it to start, except don't yet 
start any of the dockapps.

3) Save the session. (Very end of the K Menu).

4) Now start the dockapps. They should automagically restart every time you 
login, but not show up as tasks in the taskbar.


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