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Re: final binaries of 3.1 up

> the final binaries of the RC 7 are now uploaded including a new kdeutils

Thanks Ralf for your great piece of work!!!

Unfortunately, I have a problem accessing SMB-shares in a Windows network. The 
lisa daemon works. Entering lan://localhost/host, konqueror shows the 
available services (e.g. SMB, HTTP, ...). When I select SMB, the address is 
lan://localhost/host/SMB, not being redirected to smb://host. This is 
accompanied with the following error message on the console:

kio (KIOJob): WARNING: ListJob: Redirection from lan://localhost/host/SMB to 
smb://host REJECTED!

In KDE 3.0.5, it showed me the SMB resources. I get this list if I enter 
smb://host/ directly. "smb://host" produces the kio (KIOJob): WARNING: 
ListJob: Redirection from smb://r1168.ga1.swh.mhn.de/Restricted to 
smb://r1168.ga1.swh.mhn.de/Restricted/ REJECTED!following error: "kio 
(KIOJob): WARNING: ListJob: Redirection from smb://host to smb://hst/ 
REJECTED!") Double-clicking on the share gives the following error:

kio (KIOJob): WARNING: ListJob: Redirection from smb://host/share to 
smb://host/share/ REJECTED!

no matter if I enter smb://host/share/ or smb://host/share

Can anyone give me a hint how to solve this problem? Are there any config 
files for this KIOJob?

BTW, double-clicking on lan://localhost/host -> HTTP changes the URL to 
http://host! I can access the shares via smbclient!

Thanks a lot,


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