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Re: Does KDE 3.x run on Woody/testing system

For a woody system try Ralf packages:

# kde 3.1
deb http://ktown.kde.org/~nolden/kde/woody/i386/ ./

rowe_gnu@gmx.net (2003-01-17 at 1422.21 +0100):
> Hello
> I followed the discussions about the different KDE 3.x packages. On my
> iMac I'm running Woody/stable and KDE 2.2.x.
> Now I installed Woody/testing (with openoffice from unstable) on my new
> iBook (11.2002) and have in mind to install the 'latest' KDE Desktop.
> In this list several KDE 3.x packages are mentioned (karolina, ...).
> Therefore I'm confused a little bit. My question is, is there a KDE 3.x
> package, I can install using aptitude or apt-get on my Woody/testing
> system (sources.list entries)?
> Or does only people with a lot of 'developer knowledge' manage such an
> installation.
> Have a nice time, Roland
> rowe_kde@gmx.net

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