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Re: konqueror file browser not closing dirs on window close?

On Wednesday 15 January 2003 06:37, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> Hello debian-kde.
> I recently tried to change "memory saving" option in file browsing settings
> from "none" to "all", to open all new konqueror windows in the old
> konqueror process. Seems that it really saves several tens of megabytes of
> memory in my environment (I often have >20 konq windows open on different
> desktops), making system noticably faster.
> Unfortunately, I found this configuration unusable because konq seems not
> to close directories once opened.
> If I open /cdrom in konq, and then close window, /cdrom remeins open by
> process konq (lsof shows it), and it is impossible to unmount and eject
> cdrom untill konq process exits (that means, ALL konq windows are closed -
> than happens almost never here).
> This happens with 3.0.4 debs installed several months ago from kde.org.
> Is this bug fixed in 3.1? A fix badly wanted ...

Same problem here... can't remember whose packages, but it's kde 3.0.2 ;-)


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