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Re: more apps, and sources :-)

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On Sonntag, 12. Januar 2003 10:51, Karolina Lindqvist wrote:
> lördagen den 11 januari 2003 13.26 skrev David Pashley:
> > If someone emails either one of the people Ralf listed or to the mailing
> > list we will add them pretty much straight away. Are they in sgml/xml or
> > roff?
> I put all the manpages that I have created in
> shakti.ath.cx/debian/kde3.1/man They are in roff format
> With so many manpages, some are not much more than a shell, with a short
> description, and listing the options, some are more involved, giving
> details that cannot be found so easily. It depends.
> At least it is a good starting point for someone who want to expand on a
> manpage and add details.
Cool stuff. I think the KDE packages usually use sgml for manpages, so these 
need to be converted before we import them to CVS :-/

Karolina, I've put your stuff from kdebindings into the KDE_3_1_BRANCH 
yesterday and worked the night through until this morning to get some stuff 
fixed - alt least I can build packages now though there's some bugs here and 
there remaining. I'll move that over to HEAD today so both tags can be used 
for building packages again. Though, I still have to move the *.files to 
*.install to get rid of the error messages with dh_install --list-missing


> Karolina

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