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Re: GCC 3.2 now becoming default compiler for Sid!!!

> torsdagen den 9 januari 2003 00.38 skrev Doug Holland:
>> Just ran dselect, so just to warn people, the new libfam0c102 conflicts
>> with the Karolina KDE3 packages.  I'm holding off on updating until more
>> of the pieces are in place.
> Will this mean that it will be impossible to run packages compiled with
> the old gcc compiler after a while, since a new package might require, for
> example, libfam0c102, where an old package require libfam0 and they are
> not compatible?
> I want to keep backward compatibility, at least for a while. So I have to
> figure out a way out of this. Maybe statically linking libfam, is a
> solution, or to make a special libfam that has a library that ends up
> somewhere else, or has a different .so-name.
> I will be interesting to see how many libraries there are that will give
> this problem.

c102 package for each and every C++ library should conflict with old package 
for the same library. They really can't exist in the system at the same 

That means that very soon any package compiled by g++ 2.95 that uses any 
library other than libstdc++ will be unusable.

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