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KMail & GPG hang


I'm in trouble with kmail and gpg. Sometimes, when opening a gpg signed
message, kmail hangs. gpg is working correctly, and kmail configured. It
worked before upgrading to Ralph's debs.
KMail starts the process "gpg --batch --decrypt". If that proc is killed,
kmail still works and I can read the mesage.
My versions:

GNU/Debian woody with the last security updates
gnupg	1.0.6-3
kmail (1.5)	3.0.99+cvs2003

Any ideas? Thanks in advance, to everybody in this list and to the KDE
team people for this good desktop.
Albert Teixidó

Albert Teixidó
Pub PGP key 0x0E16E76 Albert Teixidó <albertteixido@telefonica.net>
at pgp.rediris.es

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