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Re: Karolina KDE 3.1 - missing packages

tisdagen den 7 januari 2003 17.46 skrev Ralf Nolden:

> she's using unstable for building. Those packages are only in unstable, so
> you either need to upgrade to that or use my packages if you have woody.

Exactly correct. I am also enabling all KDE options I can, some not in debian, 
so it requires some non-debian packages.
If I ever forget to include some option, just tell me.
Maybe there should be a web-page somewhere explaining what the different 
packagings provide. Java? Lame? Xine? etc, and what the differences are.

Ralf's packages are currently the ones to use when using pure "stable" debian.  

Both Ralf and I also package a set of KDE applications, but two different 


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