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Re: Feedback on Ralf's 3.0.99 packages

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On Sonntag, 5. Januar 2003 23:10, Mark Stosberg wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Mark,

first, thanks for your feedback !!

> - I'm using "kdm", and when I select Log Out, nothing seems to happen.
Can't say much about that. I'm building sid debs right now and uploading 
module after module, so it will take another while until you can update; 
hopefully tomorrow morning. Please test again.
> - When I try use a Netscape plug-in in Konqueror, I always get an error
>   message explaining that the file "libnsplugin.la" can't be found.
>   I have the package named "konqueror-nsplugins" installed with the
>   latest version, but there are no ".la" files in the file list.
That is due to this .la problem I described earlier. Thanks for reporting 
this, I have to move the according .la and .so file to the 
konqueror-nsplugins package then (will do this now). Please update to 
whichever, sid or woody version, later (I'll put both fixes up when the sid 
version is completely done).
> - There appears to be a bug in the Konqueror KControl module. I can
>   reproduce it like this:
>   	- Select "Configure Konqueror" under "Settings" in Konqueror.
> 	- Select File Associations
> 	- Select a file type to work with, such as using *.txt to select
> 		"text/plain"
> 	- Select "Embedding" tab
> 	- Select a service such as "KWord"
> 	- click "Edit...". Nothing happens for me at this point.

Strange. Maybe David can comment on this one.


> If the service isn't editable, the "Edit.." button should be
> non-selectable. If it /is/ editable, something should happen or I should
> get.
> If other folks are experiencing these issues and they appear to be a
> KDE issue not a packaging issue, I'm happy to report them as needed
> through the official channels.
> Thanks!
>   Mark
> (a recent Debian convert from FreeBSD)
> http://mark.stosberg.com/

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