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Re: KDevelop Setup and Makefiles with Gideon

Caleb Tennis wrote:

On Friday 03 January 2003 12:52, Paul Scott wrote:

When I go there I get the same KDE manual but nothing about KDevelop.
That's strange. I wonder if he's packaging the docs separately from the rest of gideon. Perhaps there's another deb available for docs?

There is but it is very small. I think it only has the usual Debian copyright stuff.

http://www.kdevelop.org/test/doc/manual is an exact copy of the KDevelop 3.0
documentation as of last night. It should have Bernd Gehrmann and my name on it. It's not complete, but it's better than the 1999 version. I'm the only one working on it, so it's coming along slowly.

You are right, of course. When I use the link here I get exactly what you say. I was expecting to find a link on the KDevelop home page which I haven't yet. No problem as to its conditiion. I appreciate what you've had time to do. I will read it tonight.

Settings->Configure Gideon
Been there several times and don't see a place to configure make.
Okay, to change options for your specific project, you want to do:
"Project -> Project Options" and select from the list on what you would like to configure.

Been there but I'll go back after I read some more.

Thanks again,


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