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Re: How to build a deb package with KDE3.1 and woody?

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On Freitag, 3. Januar 2003 15:27, Pablo de Vicente wrote:
> Hello,

Ola Pablo,

> I would like to build kde-i18n-es as a deb package.
Good luck :-)

> Now I am using KDE 3.1 (packages provided by Ralf Nolden in Dec 31st not
> the very latest ones) and an almost pure woody system. I only have the CVS
> "kde-i18n" root directory and "kde-i18n/es", "kde-i18n/admin" and
> "kde-i18n/debian" subdirectories.

Just do the following, if it is only for a test anyway:

cvs co -l kde-i18n
cvs co kde-i18n/es
cvs co kde-i18n/admin

then change into kde-i18n. With the installed packages you need to install 
dh-make and use it with the template in /usr/share/doc/kdelibs4-dev/dh-make. 
Fill out the version information and that's it. then enter dpkg-buildpackage. 
The problem is as you mention that you need automake1.6. I've a set of debs 
here that I use for builiding which I backported from sid to woody. I've 
uploaded them so you can use them.


You could also use the debian dir in kde-i18n but then you need to modify the 
control and the rules file (besides the changelog for the version number, use 

Ralf, going to bed now. finally :-)
> First I try to compile the "es" directory to check if all is OK. So
> I command:
> echo "es" > inst-apps
> and
> make -f Makefile.cvs
> and
> ./configure
> and
> make
> - First problem I have is that KDE 3.1 apparently needs autoconf 1.6 which
> is in sid. I overcome this problem by using the "admin" directory from KDE
> 3.0.x series.
>  With this workaround I can compile the whole es subdirectory.
> Then I clean the whole kde-i18n and begin again with a clean CVS one.
> If I try to generate a deb package by issuing
> dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc -us
> the process removes
> F inst-apps
> F temp.xml
> F update_xml.log
> D admin
> F debian/debiandirs
> D es/docs/quanta
> and the process breaks.
> Can somebody tell me a recipe to create kde-i18n-es.deb from the CVS for
> woody, only having the root kde-i18n directory and directories
> kde-i18n/admin, kde-i18n/es and kde-i18n/debian?.
> Thanks,
> Pablo de Vicente
> KDE spanish translation team.

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