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Re: Fonts in konsole - again

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On Wednesday 01 Jan 2003 1:57 pm, Alan Chandler wrote:
> On Friday 27 Dec 2002 7:18 pm, Cajus Pollmeier wrote:
> > Hi all!
> >
> > Just updated my kde box to kde-3.1.0+rc5+kl-1. All fonts in KDE are
> > correct, except the ones in konsole. All normal fixed fonts get mapped to
> > some Courier style font which can't display graphical characters used
> > i.e. by dselect or mc.
> >
> > I'm editing several font configurations for hours now, but I can't get
> > konsole to display a proper fixed font.
> I seem to suddenly have the same problem - seems to stem from installing
> fontconfig, but I am not sure.
> I think that the fonts in xfonts-konsole package are not being picked up by
> x for some reason.

I have removed fontconfig and the situation changed.  Instead of the Courier 
Style Font, I now get a double spaced font.

The temporary work around is to change the font to something else in Konsoles 
Settings/Font/Custom menu and then to do Settings/Save Settings

However this still doesn't get to the bottom of what is actually happening 

BTW - I am using Ralf Norden's debs of yesterday and I am using freetype 
rather than an font server to manage my fonts (but have been doing that for 
several months).

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Alan Chandler
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