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Re: Relation of debs and KDE CVS?

On Thu, Nov 28, 2002 at 10:29:34AM +1100, Daniel Stone wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 11:17:09PM +1100, Ben Burton scrawled:
> > > It should be possible to build debian packages straight out of CVS. You may 
> > > have issues with some modules, but as we are currently in a feature freeze, 
> > > there should be no problems with files being moved around, breaking the 
> > > builds. 
> > 
> > Well.. that's what I'd thought too. :)
> > 
> > Peter Hawkins just pointed out to me a build failure in kdeaddons
> > resulting from one of the noatun plugins being pulled out of the release
> > several days ago.
> I'm infrequently scp'ing Peter's debs across from his build machine
> (which is about 10m from where I am now), and they work fine. :)

Is him the same Peter Hawkins who created the GNU/Linux port of the
game Descent II, namely D2X,  which was later debianized by Bradley
Bell and rpmmed (yup) by me ?


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