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new shakti.ath.cx mirror structure

Hi people!

At the last weekend we restructured our mirror of karolinas kde-debs.
now we use a patched debmirror-script and it runs as a cronjob,
so the mirror should automagically update every night.
the files should now be available under 

deb http://wh9.tu-dresden.de/kde3/karolina ./
deb ftp://wh9.tu-dresden.de/kde3/karolina ./

The old links will still work for some time, but they are now only 
symlinks to the new directory. they will be removed in some weeks.

Please update the links on the faq-pages of 
http://mypage.bluewin.ch/kde3-debian/ and all others.

the server has a 100MBit connection and is 24/7/365 up.
So please use our server to unburden karolinas home-pc.

 MfG, Christian Welzel
  (Sektionsvorsitzender und Admin AG DSN Gerokstrasse)

  GPG-Key:     http://www.wh9.tu-dresden.de/~gawain/key.asc
  Fingerprint: 4F50 19BF 3346 36A6 CFA9 DBDC C268 6D24 70A1 AD15

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