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Re: apt-get and self compiled KDE

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On Sunday 17 November 2002 9:05 am, Arash Bijanzadeh wrote:
> I have a self compiled KDE3.1BETA and I want to use apt on it. How can I
> tell apt that I HAVE the kde?! ( And solve dependency problems?)

To use apt on it, you have to have the *.deb files for each package

To get them, you could do what I am trying to do (and struggling to be honest) 
or you could wait for someone else to build them.  

I am currently trying to build all the packages by using

dpkg-buildpackage -b -uc -us

from each module's directory (I got each module from kde cvs).

I have then put them onto by local web site under the /debian/kde directory

I have created a file called override in the "DocumentRoot"/debian 
subdirectory of my web site.  Each line in this file has

<package name> optional kde

I then run 

dpkg-scanpackages . override | gzip > Packages.gz

and then add a line to me /etc/apt/sources.list file of the form (www.home is 
my home domains web site address)

deb http://www.home/debian/ ./

You need to progressively install a whole load of these packages after you 
have built them, because other modules depend on them.  This means that you 
progressively have to copy the *.deb files that the build process makes into 
the web site directory ("DocumentRoot"/debian/kde) and rerun the 
dpkg-scanpackages command, and then apt-get update so that apt has the new 
picture of these new packages.

To make matters worse, I am trying to build them all using g++-3.2 and I 
discovered that a few of the debian/rules files need the following few lines 
added (I copied these from kdelibs/debian/rules - I am not sure its the 
correct approach) (If you don't do this, ./configure fails reporting the 
wrong version of qt)(one of the modules - I forget which one now - had some 
conflicting settings for CXX which I had to remove)

# GCC 3.2 defines
export CC  = gcc-3.2
export CXX = g++-3.2
export CPP = cpp-3.2

There are two main reasons I am struggling 

Firstly, you need a debian-unstable environment to meet all the dependencies 
in the latest files - I wanted to build these packages on a machine running 
testing.  In order to do this, I therefore built a complete chrooted debian 
unstable system within the other solution.  This works great most of the time 
but some of the packages are causing me grief (libexif7 and libexif5 seem to 
get in each others way, automake1.4, automake1.5 and automake1.7 seem to be 
also tripping each other up - and the packages are inconsistent about which 
version they need).

Secondly the builds are failing at the documentation stage - not sure why but 
meinproc seems to be failing to find kdex.dtd. But each time I retry it takes 
about 2 hours to get to this stage (dpkg-buildpackge does a make clean and I 
have only just discovered the -nc switch to avoid it :-( ).  So far I have 
been at this since mid-afternoon friday and am still not half way through.

Anyway - if you fancy all this aggro just try to copy me.  I must say, my 
thanks go out to the maintainers who have overcome these sorts of hurdles all 
the time.

- -- 
Alan Chandler
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