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RE: Problems with upgrading a fresh woody installtion to kde3

                 I appreciate your  advice  ...
I had not tired: rm -rf ~/.kde*
But when I did and restarted the 'Kpersonalizer' window came up blank and
After I CTL-ALT-BackSpace'd and logged-in again, the interface is in worse
shape than before.
A minimal desktop top, desktop menus work, but this time with a completely
blank 'kicker' and apps hang in about 20-seconds of mousing around.

When I tar -xzvf kdesettings.tgz the settings, the interface does not go
back to where things were before, it remains broken
At this point is KDE to messed up to recover?
Can apt-get or dpkg help out here to get back to KDE2?
Sure feeling like it's - reformat, reinstall and hang tight with KDE2 or

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Am Samstag, 16. November 2002 22:30 schrieb Carl Nelson:
> In upgrading a fresh woody binary installation (the default 2.4 kernel
> installation) from the Debian 3.0 CD, the kicker panel is trashed. I no
> longer have access to the Applications/Start menu, desktop-pager, or
> windows. The only non-standard thing I am running is a matrox 450 dual
> head.

Have you tried a clean ~/.kde dir? When it comes to importing config files
from another major KDE version, _some_ things work. I had to completely
reconfigure nearly everything from KDE1->KDE2 and from KDE2->KDE3.

do a
        tar cvfz ~/kdesettings.tgz ~/.kde*
to make all changes undoable and "rm -rf ~/.kde*" completely. Re-login and
if it works. You have a complete backup of everything you need to
your KDE.
If it really works, you may want to restore the .kde-directories and delete
things file for file, first the kicker settings, then maybe kwm settings...

If it doesn't work, just restore your old .kde-directories and search for a
software solution. Look at the ML archive, there are plenty of KDE3-Versions
for debian, 3.0.5 is on the way at the moment, maybe something is broken
because of this.

Thomas Ritter

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