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Re: Konqueror and NY Times sluggish KDE 3.0 to 3.1 Beta 2

Roy and Todd, 

Thanks to the posting by <boerre@subdimension.com> it appears that our 
problem (NY Times, UK Register and NHL) is due to an erroneous IPV6 call 
that is rejected and/or times out.  It is also recommended to recompile 
kdelibs with IPV6 set to no.  It makes a lot of sense, earlier in  this 
list (on the 12th and 13th) several posters indicated the problem went 
away with 3.08 of konqueror -  Self-compiled KDE3.1 beta users are OK. 

I am using the karolina debs and kdelibs have been split up. I don't 
know where to find the source and what "split" contains the IPV6 
call.  I have a relatively slow machine and generally don't compile KDE 
for that  reason. 

Let's hope  official KDE 3.1 will fix the problem.  Is there any way I 
can be insured of that?  

What confuses me, is how can KDE make an IPV6 call when I specifically 
compiled my kernel without IPV6?   
Michael Hoodes         http://www.hoodes.com            Seattle, WA

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