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Re: Browser Rendering Uncovered

> > i.e 2.1.2-8 turned off bytecode interpreter and 2.1.2-10 turned it back
> > on so you can stop worrying now
> Can't _anybody_ read?
> I'm not running freetype from sid.  I have no intention of running it from
> sid. When it gets to sarge, I'll give it a shot - IF I can do so without
> stepping on anybody's patents.
> However, that's not the issue.  The simple question is DOES antialiasing
> rely on the bytecode interpreter or not?  The article cited as the basis
> for this thread implied it does.
> --

I think its you who is not taking the trouble to read, please read


but in any case as mentioned in my previous email IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOU 
because you are running 2.1.2-7 from sarge and the bytecode interpreter was 
turned off in 2.1.2-8 in sid and was then turned back on in 2.1.2-10  so when 
freetype drops from sid into sarge it will be 2.1.2-10 or higher and the 
bytecode interpreter will still be working.

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