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Re: KDE3 - Debian/experimental distribution proposal

On Son, 20 Okt 2002, Mark Purcell wrote:

> > Does anybody see any problems if we will start with kde 3.1x builds/
> > uploads for experimental?
> That would be excellent if you would do that and quite suitable to
> upload the kde3.1x builds into unstable.
> It would also allow me to upload the two KDE packages I maintain for
> Debian into unstable as well.

We will still wait for the gcc 3.2 transition for unstable.
We just want to collect everything in experimental and _then_
put the packages into sid when the Debian default compiler will
be gcc 3.2.

See experimental as temporary space for the kde3 stuff where we
have a bug tracking system.

	Noèl Köthe

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