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Importing DISPLAY crash


im new here, i just installed Debian 2.2 on SparcStation 4, after have an
expirience with cfdisk, dselect, X11, the system is up now whit KDE as
graphical environment. But, i have a
problem, i want to import a graphic application from a Solaris Server but
at the momment of launch the application the next message appears:

Orion[spectrum] 2 % spectrum &
[1] 274

Orion[spectrum] 3 %
WARNING         XLoadQueryFont failed on font "k14". Loading default font
while           Initializing window "WinErr"

------------------- TRACEBACK -------------------------
Module "Err  " Message   0: file "err.c     " line 573
Module "Win  " Message   0: file "winevnt.c " line 3230
Module "Err  " Message  -1: file "err.c     " line 2045

ERROR           Cannot load X11 default font
while           Initializing window "WinErr"
EXITING         cannot recover from error

Have anabody an idea whath's happen ? 

thanks in advance

Carlos A. Vicente Altamirano
Centro de Operacion de RedUNAM NOC-UNAM
Tel. 56228526, 56228509

"Con el puño cerrado no se puede 
 intercambiar un apreton de manos "

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