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Re: problems with multimedia in kde 3.0.3 on debian unstable

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 10:01:20AM -0700, Mukundan Sudarsan wrote:
> I am having many problems with installing KDE 3.0.3 multimedia on Debian 
> Unstable. The Debian packages contain a arts binary and a arts1 binary. 
> I am not able to find out which one to use. I have installed the arts 
> 1.0.3 version and the artsbuilder 3.0.3.

Uh. There's an arts1 binary? I only knew about libarts1 (which is the correct
version of the library, instead of libarts). 

> Second, when i start noatun player, it crashes in a SIGSEGV. I am not 
> sure i am able to understand why. Is it a known problem?

a) make sure artsd is running (test via killall -9 artsd ; artsd)
b) try (re)moving your .kde or more specifically .kde/share/config/noatunrc.
See if it helps.

> Third, when i open kmix, I don't see any controls on the screen at all. 
> Its totally empty. I think i must see the voume control etc in the kmix 
> app window.

Dunno (you might give b) from above a shot, and you should test whether your
mixer works with other OSS mixers like the aumix package)

> Any comments would really help.

I feel somewhat bad because most of this is just ideas and guessing (be
warned!) but you asked for it ;-)


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