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Re: Run kde3 from kdm

I already have the symlinks as you said, with the same wrong behavior.

Michael Hoodes escribió::
Jordi, Make sure you have a symlink in /usr/bin ln -s /etc/kde3/debian/startkde kde3
and then kde3 should work in kdm (3.0-3.03)
the startkde in /usr/bin should also be symlinked to etc/kde3/debian/startkde.

For KDE 3.1 (3.07), There is a subtle warning not to use kcontrol to modify kmrc, but that's where you can specify SessionTypes in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc

For KDE 3.1 (3.07) I am using startkde (symlinked as above) as I didn't get kde3 to work initially. Michael

Jordi Catalán Morros

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