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Re: Mosfet Liquid problem - liquid debs installed, but cannot select theme.

Doug Holland <meldroc@frii.com> writes:

> Subject says it all.  I'm running the freshest KDE .debs (3.0.3), but lately, 
> even though I have the Mosfet Liquid theme debs installed, I can't select 
> that theme in the Themes control panel applet.  I get the Mosfet's Liquid 
> applet in the Control Panel, and I get the Liquid splash screen when KDE 
> starts up, but I can't find the Liquid theme when I try to switch themes.
> The last time this happened, it was because a new version of qt-mt became 
> available.  That time, it broke a whole bunch of KDE themes, and it took a 
> new set of KDE .debs compiled against the new Qt to solve the problem.  I'm 
> suspecting the same thing here - the Mosfet Liquid debs are compiled against 
> an older version of Qt, so they need to be rebuild using current libraries.
> Is anyone going to do this?

The liquid debs here seem to work fine for me.

deb http://arachni.kiwi.uni-hamburg.de/~harlekin/debs/ ./

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