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Re: kde 3.* in sid will it ever happen?

On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 15:26, Matt Reynolds wrote:
> On Fri, 2002-09-13 at 15:55, David Pashley wrote:
> > KDE 3.0.3 is packaged and apart from a KDE 3.0.4 release, the KDE 3.0.x
> > branch is pretty much finished packaging wise. calc and others are now
> > working on KDE 3.1 packaging. 
> > 
> > KDE 3.x will be in sid once the GCC transition plan has been worked out
> > and started. This is kind of out of our hands.
> I understand that the GCC transition is not under your control, and
> please understand that my criticism applies to the entire process, not
> just the KDE packaging.  I would love to see more information concerning
> the GCC process as well.  I have read the technical material concerning
> the transition, but a laymens, 20000 foot view, with approximate dates
> and places to go find new information to track the process, would be
> wonderful.

AFAIK there's no such place, currently. I read debian-gcc and
debian-glibc because I'm mildly interested (in a i-use-only-x86-for-now-
but-it's-cool-to-have-an-OS-that-runs-on-11-arches way), and from what I
can see these are the issues right now:

!!! everything IIRC, I'm not involved personally !!!

 - gcc 3.2 and glibc 2.3 Gang Together
 - gcc code generator is still not 100% stable on all platforms
	(ARM is one of the problems, binutils update might be
 - glibc still needs tweakings, here HPPA is one of the problems.
	for both, m68k is problematic if only because cross-building is 	not
supported for debian pkgs, and the native builds takes AGES.
 - perl 5.8 creates some problems with the build system now and then.

No idea on the timeline, but the work Will Be Done (tm).

While bundling glibc and gcc is a good thing imho, it slows down the gcc
release which would probably be ready earlier if done with the current

(someone involved correct me please if I got any facts wrong here).

-- vbi

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