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Re: Upgrade to kde3.03 & qt3.0x - newbie

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From: "Setyo Nugroho" <setyo.nugroho@web.de>
To: "debian-kde" <debian-kde@lists.debian.org>
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 4:56 PM
Subject: Upgrade to kde3.03 & qt3.0x - newbie

> My computer runs KDE 2.2.2 and Qt 3.0.3 from standard woody
> installation.
> Intend to upgrade, cleanly & safely, to KDE 3.0.3 AND its current stable
> Qt  (>3.0.5?; incl. tools such as designer, assistant, uic).
> 1. I am not sure whether the procedures I plan to follow are correct:
> a.apt-get remove --purge kde*  : to remove kde
> b.apt-get remove --purge qt*   : to remove qt
> c. apt-get update
> d. apt-get install kdebase arts kdelibs kdenetwork kdegraphics
> kde-i18n-xx
> e. apt-get install qt
> 2. The /etc/apt/sources.list file should contain for example :
> deb http://people.debian.org/~schoepf/kde3/woody  : for kde stable
> What about source.list file for qt?
> Any help would highly be appreciated.
> Regards,
> Setyo Nugroho
This page contains a lot of info and good links.
I have installed kde 3.0.3 twice on 2 different partitions and the last time
it was fairly
easy following the instructions of the site above.
I fist deleted the previous version so i wouldn't have to wrestle with
apt-get for
(found somewhere via page described above)
to remove kde 2: apt-get --purge remove kdelibs3 libarts
to remove kde 3: apt-get --purge remove kdelibs4 libarts1

Also, you might want to install a bit easier via aptitude. It's a nice gui
more understandable to the average user.

Remember that if anything goes wrong that you can always play with the
preferences file to pin a stable release of kde and revert back to it
( pin priority > 1000 )

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