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Re: mutilated menus

måndagen den 26 augusti 2002 21.57 skrev Achim Bohnet:

> Try
> 	locate ui_standards.rc;		kde-config --path config # + /ui
> 	locate kmail/kmmainwin.rc;		kde-config --path apps   # + /kmail
> and check if the locatation on disk (locate) is the one searched by kde
> (kde-config). Maybe it's a missing file or one of those strange /etc/kderc
> side effects when running kde build from source.

Thank you very much for that hint. I got a lead now. Making the symbolic link
  ln -s /etc/kde3/ui  ~/.kde/share/config
gave me the menus. Now that is not the correct solution, I just made it to 
confirm the problem. There appears to be more path-related problems that 
might or might not be for those with the "official" packaging. 

-- Karolina

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