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Re: mutilated menus

> the same scenario trying to upgrade X on a couple Debian machines.  It
> seems that dpkg --remove doesn't do as complete a job as dpkg --purge.


> It would seem that --remove leaves some scripts/data/info behind that
> may make subsequent reinstalls skip installing some files from within a
> package, maybe it thinks they are already there.  --purge seems to wipe

That's the point actually. So you don't have to make your choices all over
again. Really, it's not a bug, it's a featureTM.

> the slate completely clean.  At any rate, KDE 3.0.2 is now working
> wonderfully. Thanks for your help!

Seems like the upgrade should take care
of this better. That is, if the upgrade needs to do a purge, it should do
it automatically. I wonder how to report/fix this.

I'm glad that things are working.


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