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KDE 3.0.3 - liquid

Hi i seam to have the same truble with the deb version of liquid
as there was with 3.0.2 - i can use the windows decoration but not the
style. If i try to compile it by hand it complaints that QT headers and
libs are not installed, altough "dpkg -l | grep qt" shows that the
libqt3-dev package is installed. Anyone with who has the same problem or
even better an solution.

Anyway thanks for the 3.0.3 debs the work great-. 

Mvh./Yours sincerely


Lars Roland Kristiansen 		         
Stu. Sci. Math/Computer science		           
Copenhagen University -			    
Institute for Mathematical Sciences	       
Url: www.math.ku.dk			   
Email: m00lrk@math.ku.dk		  

   "Politics is for the moment, equations are forever"
                                                    - Albert Einstein

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