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Re: keramik problems

On Thursday 08 August 09:56, mriester@gmx.de wrote:
> i tried to install keramik (from apps.kde.com). after installing several
> dev-packages, it build without problems (build with the build-keramik.sh
> script). but now, in control center, there is no keramik style and some
> other styles are deleted (there is now only compact and the QT styles).

Possibly coincidental with the updating to qt-3.0.5x which broke kstyles?
It happened to me after compiling and installing kernel 2.4.19  ;)
I rebooted and no more styles.  "Huh!",  I thought, what does a kernel have 
to do with styles in KDE!  ;)
Anyway, it will be fixed with a new kdelibs compiled against new qt.
(soon to be released).

all the best,

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