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Re: kpanel and wmapplets

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Am Sonntag, 4. August 2002 18:00 schrieb Andy Saxena:
> It used to be a lot easier in KDE2. One just needed the "Dock
> Application Bar" extension to be active, and starting any WindowMaker
> applet would automatically dock it without creating an extra entry in
> the taskbar.

With that (in KDE2.2.2) I have the problem that the dock application bar is 
not resizable. It is bigger than my wmapplets and my main KDE bar and i could 
not find a way to set it to size, lets say middle or small. I couldn't 
integrate it into the main KDE bar or the external bar either, so I would 
have to have three bars on my desktop (I've chosen the external window bar).
Not what I would expect to be a good way of handling this.

BTW: does anyone know, why xmms cannot be _NOT_ displayed in the window bar, 
even with kstart? I normally use the xmms dock application plugin to manage 
it and this conflicts with what KDE2.2.2 does.


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