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Re: KDE 3 and PowerPC (was: Re: KDE 3.0.2 problem)

On i386 side kde 3.0.2 is available since june. And 3.0.1 version has some
BIG performance problem with the new qt (3.0.4). I really don't know if and
when kde3 will enter the official unstable distro. Probably we'll have to
ask it to Chris who prepared one of the first 3.0.1 ppc debs collection.
Anyway we really could set up a server with powerpc debs... But :::))))))
now I'm on holiday. I'll be back in 15 days. By that time I hope something
will change.
Chris seems to be preparing new debs... And I hope ppc version will be

I've tried to ask something about ppc version on kde ML but nobody

So, see you in 15 days.


On 8/2/02 8:36 PM, "Rogério Brito" <rbrito@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> On Aug 02 2002, Egidio Corsini wrote:
>> Thanks to all. Finally this computer is working hard...
>> I'll see if everything works fine.
> Well, if there are enough people interested in this, maybe we
> could set up something to coordinate the compilation of the
> packages, since they take a loooot of time to compile.
> But then, it may not be worth it, if KDE 3 is entering
> unstable soon (is it?).
> []s, Roger...
> P.S.: I'm currently not subscribed to d-kde. Please respect the
> Mail-Followup-To field on headers.

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