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kde2/debian/netscape/klipper q

(my apologies if you've seen this before but I belatedly wondered if this
might be a better forum for this question than debian-user)

Recently I had an issue with netscape not behaving properly from the icon
after upgrading to woody and kde2

fixed that by manually updating .kde/share/applnk/Netscape.applnk to point
to /usr/bin/X11/netscape which is apparently a script rather than a
binary... one nice thing is that it determines if netscape is already open
when its called and if so, opens a new netscape window and passes the url
to it rather than complaining that netscape is already open.... very very
nice in my opinion

Klipper, however, somehow seems to still be calling netscape directly I
think because if netscape is already up and I use it to send an url to
netscape I get the complaint that netscape is already open

I went into actions and the only http-like action defined was for https
urls... is there a 'default' action somewhere that I can edit? 

the https one says


and it currently reads "netscape -no-about-splash '%s'"

I don't know why that wouldn't go to /usr/bin/X11/netscape since that's
what I get on a which of 'netscape' but I tried changing it to
/usr/bin/X11/netscape -no-about-splash '%s' ... when I hit 'ok' after
editing the line then went back into klipper preferences it had changed
back to "netscape -no-about-splash '%s'"

other actions defined are regexp expressions

oh, I also tried editing the https string /etc/kde2/klipperrc
directly/manuaully.... to 
"/usr/bin/X11/netscape -no-about-splash '%s'"

when I restart xwindows and check klipper's preferences it still says 
"netscape -no-about-splash '%s'"

is there anyplace else I should try kicking.... should I try kicking in a
different way?


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