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Re: can't install libqt3-dev in unstable

Am Donnerstag, 1. August 2002 10:17 schrieb Stefan Keul:
> Am Donnerstag, 1. August 2002 10:11 schrieb Erik Sjölund:
> > running SID with
> > deb http://kde3.geniussystems.net/debian ./
> >
> >
> > I don't manage to install libqt3-dev
> > Is it not possible for the moment being,
> > or can I circumvent the problem somehow?
> [...]
> > thanks & regards,
> > Erik Sjölund
> libqt3 is for kde2, for kde3 you need libqt4.
> There were may hints on installing kde3 on this list. Take a look in
> the archive!
> Stefan

OK I'm wrong. For kde3 libkde4 and libqt3 is needed. After upgrading 
from kde2 to kde3 I have the following selections:

$dpkg --get-selections libqt*
libqt-dev                                       purge
libqt-emb-dev                                   purge
libqt-gl-dev                                    purge
libqt-mt-dev                                    purge
libqt2                                          install
libqt2-emb                                      purge
libqt2-gl                                       purge
libqt2-mt                                       install
libqt3                                          install
libqt3-dev                                      purge
libqt3-emb                                      purge
libqt3-emb-dev                                  purge
libqt3-mt                                       install
libqt3-mt-dev                                   purge
libqt3-mt-mysql                                 purge
libqt3-mt-odbc                                  purge
libqt3-mt-psql                                  purge
libqt3-mysql                                    purge
libqt3-odbc                                     purge
libqt3-psql                                     purge
libqtc1                                         purge
libqtc1-dev                                     purge
libqtcups-dev                                   purge
libqtcups2                                      install

$dpkg --get-selections kdelibs*
kdelibs                                         purge
kdelibs-bin                                     install
kdelibs-data                                    install
kdelibs-dev                                     purge
kdelibs3                                        deinstall
kdelibs3-bin                                    purge
kdelibs3-crypto                                 deinstall
kdelibs3-cups                                   deinstall
kdelibs3-doc                                    purge
kdelibs4                                        install
kdelibs4-bin                                    purge
kdelibs4-data                                   install
kdelibs4-dev                                    purge
kdelibs4-doc                                    purge

Thanks for the hint


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