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Re: KDE3 and KDE2 side by side

On Sunday 28 July 2002 12:09 pm, gerhard wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there a point to discuss the way how kde is packaged at this
> time? Or are we wrong with our thinking about that issue?

From my point of view it is never the wrong time thinking about how things 
could be improved ;)

> If not: Is there someone who intend to work on that kind of
> packaging KDE?

Depends.  Maybe this is more related to the packaging policy?  There are quite 
a few possible mechanisms that would support this kind of functionality.  See 
the various versions of gcc co-existing with each other.  It's a lot of 
patching and work prefixing each binary with the version number.  Doing this 
on a directory level is better from my point of view.

But maybe there is something more general about the Debian packaging policy 
that needs discussing?  Should such substantial projects like kde or gnome 
(sorry if I missed out on _your_ project here ;) really be packaged in such a 
rigid manner?  Often one needs to go back a version, or use a different one 
because a crucial feature has been broken in the new release.  I've 
encountered that scenario multiple fold.

In the particular case of kde3 (even if some parts are alpha) it would be very 
useful if test packages could co-exist with the stable and well-tested 
version.  It would also (hopefully) reduce the risk of 3rd party packages 
(like the unofficial debian kde3 debs) causing mayhem on the system.

I don't mind starting to work on this, but before I get my sleeves up I would 
prefer having a good picture of all the issues.

It's encouraging to know that a feature such as --prefix to dpkg would be 
appreciated... just not quite sure whether begging is my forte \grin{}

BTW I've got other gripes with dpkg.  Like the abscence of indexes.  Being 
able to query which packages are in a logical group (ie dpkg -l -g editors, 
listing all packages that belong to the editors group for eg).  The current 
partitioning scheme is way too general for the number of packages debian 
handles nowadays.  (Was ok in the early days).  

Still, the debian packaging system is still the best around IMO.  

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