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Re: KDE3 and KDE2 side by side

Hi All,

Is there a point to discuss the way how kde is packaged at this 
time? Or are we wrong with our thinking about that issue?
If not: Is there someone who intend to work on that kind of 
packaging KDE?
If so: Is the only way to do that, compile kde from the branch and 
using chroot (I don't know enough on these things, probably I'm 
wrong with my interjection). 



Am Samstag, 27. Juli 2002 16:00 schrieb Nicolai P Guba:
> On Saturday 27 July 2002 2:17 pm, Gerhard Gaussling wrote:
> > [...]
> > is there anybody who is planning to work on an unofficial
> > deb-package of KDE 3.1 that could be set to /opt or something
> > similar, to avoid conflicts with KDE 2.x ? I heard about hours
> > of compilingtime and other complications to compile kde from
> > source.
> Yes, compilation can take quite a while.  Note that I never
> managed to get it working with gcc-3.1 (compiles but dcop doesn't
> work).  The 'standard' debian gcc/g++ in sid works a treat
> (didn't try this with woody).
> Hmmm, maybe one should change the way kde is packaged.  Would it
> be possible to package kde like
> 	/opt/kde/<version>/...
> or something similar?
> This would not be that much of a problem if dpkg would support
> different install root directories, maybe something like
> 	dpkg --prefix=/opt/kde/3.0.2  -i ...
> Am I barfing up the wrong tree here?

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